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Hogwarts School Requirement

Students enrolled in the NEWT level Care of Magical creatures will spend their year studying the proper techniques for caring and interacting with the creatures of the magical world according to The Accurate Study Of The Proper Care Of Magical Creatures by Dyffros Bryynore (the world’s only accurate book of magical zoology). It includes 137 ways to startle a unicorn and how to properly approach the creature, the exact procedure to gain the trust of an Acromantula, the biochemistry of a Basilisk‚Äôs poison and its 9 benefits in baking confections.

As part of the final examination of this NEWT level course students must spend a month immersed in either the Merpeople colony in the Great Lake or the Centaur colony in the Forbidden Forest without alienating said community. Students are expected to present their experiences and findings in a paper of appropriate length, about 20 or 30 scrolls of parchment, by the end of the school year.

Dyffros Bryynore’s For the Accurate Study of the Proper Care of Magical Creatures

Light Reading

This year’s recommendation for a Hogwarts student’s light reading activity is The Very True History of Librarians describing in great detail the origins of libraries dated all the way back to Akaetho’s first encounter with the species, including the recipe for the very tea they first shared.