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The Quibbler, marketed as The Wizarding World’s Alternative Voice, is a wizarding tabloid [… that] publishes odd articles, including conspiracy theories and discussions of imaginary creatures […].

-from the Harry Potter Wiki

Enchanted Illustrations

As a personal project close to my heart I illustrade articles for the lovely Quibbler. All of those fantastically written texts come from fans of the francise and I aim to underline the enthusiasm and love that went into them.

“Hallows Eve Costumes” illustrated with detailed surreal pencil and charcoal drawings. In the spirit of a magical Halloween where witches are able to alter their appearances at will, I imagined a woman having clouds for hair and another one trading her eyes for those of a deer. The effects are ethereal.

“Nargles” illustrated with an imaginary iridescent creature in watercolor. These little beasts are very hard to find and I was very lucky to have had one living in my head.

“Ugly Style Toad” illustrated with detailed watercolor paintings. They are back in fashion and make for fabulous headwear.

“The Friendship Bug” illustrated in watercolor, highly detailed imaginary bug.

“The Librarians” illustrated with an ink drawing of an imaginary creature.

Magical layouts

Additionally to illustrating, I’m also doing the layout for many articles in my role as production assistant. This is the perfect playground for me to get as creative as I like with InDesign. I’ve already learned so much but I’m looking forward to many more magical layouts.

The Quibbler on Reddit

The Qibbler is currently created and published four times a year by redditors and Harry Potter fans. It is a collection of articles, illustrations, recipes, and much more. You can find the summer edition 2019, themed “Fun in the Sun” here.

“[The Quibbler] has returned to its usual condition of advanced lunacy, and is appreciated for its unintentional humour.”

—J. K. Rowling on the Quibbler after the defeat of Voldemort

Harry Potter Wiki

The Quibbler appears each quarter on r/TheQuibbler.