The Quibbler, marketed as The Wizarding World’s Alternative Voice, is a wizarding tabloid [… that] publishes odd articles, including conspiracy theories and discussions of imaginary creatures […].

-from the Harry Potter Wiki

Enchanted Illustrations

I’m illustrating for the Quibbler since 2019’s spring edition. You will find my works next to articles, recipes, or as a stand-alone; after all, a picture can say more than a thousand words. In this edition you find an illustrated article on “Herbologist’s Healing Flowers”, illustrations and layout design for the segment “Toddlers or Terrors”, and a fictional advert for “Vamire’s Shroud – Sun Block Potion”.

The Quibbler on Reddit

The Qibbler is currently created and published four times a year by redditors and Harry Potter fans. It is a collection of articles, illustrations, recipes, and much more. You can find the summer edition 2019, themed “Fun in the Sun” here.

“[The Quibbler] has returned to its usual condition of advanced lunacy, and is appreciated for its unintentional humour.”

—J. K. Rowling on the Quibbler after the defeat of Voldemort

Harry Potter Wiki

The Quibbler appears each quarter on r/TheQuibbler.