Witches – Coloring Book

Summer 2020

WITCHES – the coloring book. Hand-drawn illustrations of fierce women in their magic realms. I want to stretch the concept of the witch character far beyond expectations and add so much more diversity to it. I’m including witches of all ages and sizes, good, evil and all the shades in between.

The idea of making a coloring book really is the result of my illustration work for the Quibbler and the fun I had with the last Inktober. But of course I have thought out a message I want to send with this book. I’d like to introduce some diversity into the witch character and include women of all ages and sizes. Some of these might look good or evil at first but when you look closer, there is no clear line between the two. I love the ambiguous.

I’m currently planning to design 12 pages until summer 2020 and self-publish it through Amazon to make it easily available to everyone. However, I will post constant updates on Twitter and Patreon. On Patreon you are also able to get yourself early access to printable cologing pages already. If you are interested in the entire process and would like to chat with me about this project, I’m also streaming my drawings live on Twitch.


She is young and old at the same time. Surrounded by blooming roses and teeming bugs she faintly smiles at you from her comfy wicker throne.


She is still young but she fends for herself. Living alone out in the forest she is teaching herself the art of resurrection. She brings small animals back to life already. Maybe she is looking to bring back another long lost soul.


Where there is order, there is also chaos. She restores the balance to the perfectionists in this world.


She is an elementalist and incredibly powerful for her young age. She might be winter herself.


Poisonous swamp creature, disembodied but too powerful to die or perhaps she separated her head on purpose? She rules over the sleeping fairies, sprouts funghi where nothing else grows and gives life where it just faded.


Hell is not on fire but it is dry. Life has been drained out of these flowers and trees and perhaps out of her as well.


She is a collector at heart. Books, skripts, paintings and trinkets are her passion. You’ll find her in the corner smoking her pipe and emerged in her newest aquisition.


The Moon is a symbol of intuition, dreams, and the unconscious. Its light is dim compared to the sun, and only slightly illuminates the path to higher consciousness winding between the two guarded towers.

This is an ongoing project and I post updates regularly on Twitter. All these cologing pages are available on Patreon for you to print out and color at home. I hope to finish all 12 pages by summer this year. I’m planning to publish the book via Amazon but that might change and I’ll keep you updated about all of that across platforms. You are very welcome to join my live stream where I draw these pages and chat with me on Twitch.