Editorial Illustration

Graphics and images for print media.

Fine Art Commissions

Unique artwork.

Coloring Book

Hauntingly beautiful witches.


Live at work.

Editorial Illustration

Customized illustrations for print and online media such as magazines, book covers and art prints.






Hauntingly beautiful coloring book featuring witches with their magical familiars and an illustrated short story about what it means to be a witch. This magical coloring book features the world of twelve witches and their curious assistants. On 24 pages we are drawn into different realms that introduce us to many facets of magic itself where we explore mythical personalities, creatures, and landscapes. This journey is accompanied by a short story about a woman coming into her own with the help of a coven. It is framed by five vignette illustrations that set the mood for this book.


Ideas brought to life.
Anything is possible.

While I specialize in portraiture and landscapes, I am also able to add architectural elements to the image, create maps, and illustrate animals. If you can imagine it, I can bring it on canvas. So set your imagination free! Let me know if your vision is rather focused on a character or a portrait, or situated in a specific environment. Contact me and together we work out all the details.

Uniqueness. Style.

Every piece of art I create with the highest quality standards to provide a unique experience. Works are extremely detailed and designed after your personal vision.

Decorate your home with an exceptional statement piece.


Art Live Streams

Join an amazing community on Twitch around art and mental health.

Anne Seelmann is an illustrator based in Berlin, Germany.