Editorial Illustration by Anne Seelmann

Bringing ideas to paper

I provide a wide variety of illustrative imagery for your project to enhance user experience. Use them to clarify a complex idea, deliver important information, or simply captivate the user’s attention.

From My Portfolio

Watercolor Fantasy

Soft watercolor images can underline a natural product, create a calming mood, and add an artistic touch to otherwise streamlined information. Watercolor landscapes tend to feel more romantic than photos and the lighting possibilities are endless. Any creature, existing or imagined, can be brought to life with a stroke of a brush.


Images cut from colored paper offers a dimension and serenity while still providing a soft natural texture to the eye. They are perfect to lighten the mood when accompanied with complex instructions and have the power to convey trustworthiness.

Streamlined digital illustrations

The understated clean digital images based on incredible line art find their ideal place where text needs to be broken up but not overpowered. They gently guide the eye from item to item, provide context, and make information memorable.

Your Team Portraits

A hand-drawn portrait is a luxurious statement on your website.

Papyrus Maps

Maps of ancient times with the unique touch of the highly textured Egyptian papyrus paper. The ink work is extremely detailed and depicts realistic landscapes, including all notable landmarks.

Textured Vector Illustrations

Spicing up the flat design with patterns and textures is giving your website the character it deserves.


Stunning images for your articles and adverts.


Unique designs for your website or app.


Captivating illustrations for your product label and packaging.


Extraordinary maps made from papyrus.

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