Art as a creative exercise of the intellectual mind.

Art to me is a mental exercise, that broadens the horizon by practicing to think in different ways. Creativity as the invention of something new, often a new combination of what already exists, means transferring knowledge from different diciplines. In that way it is a puzzle, a task to figure out how to realize a vision, tell a story, under the requirements of aesthetic.

I enjoy the freedom of creating what I find interesting, which is often motives of art nouveau, surrealism, or portraits. Nature is, after all, the geratest inspiration. I explore quite a range of mediums, styles and moods. There are endless possibilities and curiosity drives me to learn more.


Rational analytic thinking and visual arts are not as often associated with one another as creativity and emotion. Yet, if you expected to find an artist drawing their passion from pure emotional forces, you’d be disappointed to meet me.

My creativity is rather thoughtful in a way that I like to bring complex lore together in one image, or invent nuanced fantastic stories. I bring patience, diligence and discipline to paper, which often results in hyper-realistic artworks.


From a young age I enjoyed art scholarships and extracurricular art classes, however did not choose to formally train to be an artist at university. Most skills I have aquired from literature, tutorials and of course trial and error.


Throughout my life I have painted or drawn every now and then, whenever I felt like it. From 2016 to 2021 I have created the bulk of my current portfolio, taking art more seriously. In that time I was able to exhibit on various occasions in Berlin, i.e. in the Peanutbutter & Jelley Art Events and under the Supernova Gallery.

During the pandemic I streamed my painting on Twitch. This is where the idea for my coloring book was born and the process started. In that time I became more active on other social media as well, such as Reddit, Youtube and Instagram. This is also where I came across The Quibbler community and finally started my collaboration on the graphic novel Genesis.