Anne Seelmann

Artist and illustrator from Berlin.

Vision in Rosé

Again fascinated by a bird’s gorgeous color palette I felt like picking up my brush once more. The earthy tones of brown and olive bring out the stunning rose with spots of bright pink. But it’s the subtle sprinkles of yellow that tie it all together in the end.


The Eeriness of Creepy-Cute A gruesome legend shrouds this pale butterfly in a rather dark aura. The appearance of this cute and fuzzy bug is said to be an omen of imminent demise. Moonlight Butterfly, 21x15cm, watercolor, 2019

Friendship Bonds

Infectious Wonder The amber stone and antique gold body are inspired by Hufflepuff’s house colors. Even the markings on its head resemble those of a badger, the house animal. An amber stone brilliantly symbolizes loyalty, given that its fossilized inclusions hold the world’s history. Bug of Magical Bonds, 30x24cm, watercolor, 2019


Hard to spot Inspiration for this little iridescent bug came from Harry Potter’s Nargles, a creature invisible to the naked eye and responsible for confusing thoughts. This irritating critter tends to appear in the presence of moonlight and has just an enhancing effect on the mind as it’s name twin’s drink. Moonshine Bug, 21x15cm, watercolor, …

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Wit & Wisdom

Inspired by Ravenclaw Gleaming copper wings and a gold-speckled lapis lazuli, inspired by the colors of Harry Potter’s Ravenclaw house. This magical bug is an elegant representation of wisdom; a deep blue symbolizing the knowledgeable mind, flecked with the golden spark of creative ideas, the metallic body similar to early mechanical inventions and the lightness …

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